I am KPop Lovers…
I Like Super Junior, especially
Donghae : because he is cute and a good person. He also is a hardworking guy and he is good-looking.
Ryeowook : because he is cute, a good person that will always take care of the other suju’s member with his food.
Leeteuk : because he is the charismatic leader for me. He is like an angel—just like other ELFs said. And also sometimes he also will act so cute.
Kyuhyun : because he is the cute and evil magnae. His two combination character—cute and evil—make him looks different and attractive.
Eunhyuk : because he is sexy (?) and also good person. I like him that like to joking around.
Siwon : because he is handsome and rich. He is like the charming perfect prince, and also, he loves Lord so much.
Yesung : because he is cute and good-looking. His strength character also take another special part of himself that was so good.
I also like SHINee especially,
Jinki : because he is the shining cute, and good leader. I also like his voice so much.
Key : because i like to look at his face
Taemin : because he is cute and good person. He also a quiet person—that makes him different with another.
I also like SNSD especially,
Taeyeon : because she is beautiful and i like her voice so much. For what i think, she also a very good person.
Seohyun : because she is a quiet and intelligent cute girl. She also so beautiful her voice also is amazing.
I also like U Kiss especially
Kevin Woo : because he is cute and nice
Dongho : because i like to look at his cute face.
I also like Beast especially
Lee Kikwang : because he is handsome
Yoseob : because his voice always sounds amazing in my ears.
I also like f(x) especially,
Victoria : because she is good and multi-talented woman. Her voice is good, she also good in dancing, and she also good in cooking. She also beautiful and cute.
Sulli : because her face is cute and beauty in one line.
I also like Girl’s Day especially Minah, because her face is cute attractive.
I also like T-ara, especially Hyomin, because she is beautiful, and a nice person.
I also like Boyfriend, especially Jo Twins, because they’re cute and attractive.
I also like Secret, especially Song Jieun, because her voice is so good, and i like to see her character.
I also like Sistar, especially Hyorin, because her laugh. I like to see her that being her ownself.
I also like A Pink, because i like their songs dan dance’s songs. They’re all act so cute with the cute instrumental and voice. I like their song so much.
I also like Infinite, BoA, and IU.

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